Rental FAQs

Holiday in the camper means vacation in freedom?

Yes! The camper gives you the chance to go on vacation without giving up your habits. With the camper you can choose day by day itinerary based on events and destinations of historical-cultural, gastronomic, landscape / naturalistic interest etc…
Not least advantage is that it can be directed to destinations that enjoy positive weather forecasts and gradually follow the wake of the “high pressure”..

Is the camper independent?

Yes! The camper is equipped with a 12V electrical system powered by a service battery, a gas system that powers the stove, stove and boiler and fridge / freezer and finally a water system that is connected to a 12V pump.
There is therefore a similar equipment to the home.

What capacity do camper tanks have?

The reservoir of drinking water which is approximately 100/110 lt; that of the gray water receives 120 ct. and that of the black waters 17lt.

With the camper I am obliged to always go to campsites or rest areas?

Yes, only in case of need to supply the drinking water tank, empty the recovery tanks or recharge the service battery by connecting to the 220V column. The vehicle control panel indicates the charge levels of both the batteries (engine and services), the amount of drinking water in the tank and the full indicator of the gray water tank. The full indicator of the black water tank is instead positioned in the WC.

What kind of services do the parking areas offer?

It depends on the organization of the same. It can provide only parking services or services for drinking water, drainage of waste water and connection to the 220V network. They can also be free or paid.

Does the camper stop have limitations?

The camper stop is provided wherever there is no express ban.

Are the campers you renting reliable?

Of course! Our rental fleet is renewed every year, thus ensuring always new, fresh, efficient vehicles and without striking advertisements.

What is the treatment reserved for the camper before each delivery?

All our campers at the return of each rental are carefully checked, cleaned and sanitized. Before delivery they are washed externally, equipped with 2 gas cylinders, chemical products and toilet paper and finally supplied with full drinking water in the special tank.
Supplied you will find the 220V cable the water pipe and the wedges.

What are the requirements for renting a camper?

The only requirement is the B driving license.

Is the vehicle insured?

Yes! The camper is covered by insurance RCA, theft and fire, Kasko, roadside assistance.

What behavior should passengers have on board?

During the march all passengers are obliged to sit and fasten themselves to the safety belts as required by the highway code.

What differences are there between a car and a motorhome in terms of driving?

Obviously the camper has a greater size and weight than a car even if today’s vehicles are equipped with efficient and very comfortable engines that satisfy both a “novice” camper and a demanding user. The permitted speed limit is the same for both.

How can I deepen my knowledge of the use of the camper in view of the rental?

Our staff is at your disposal for any information regarding the rental, provided that at the time of delivery of the vehicle this will be shown and explained in every detail.

What is recommended to bring in a camper?

Useful tips for camping:

  • Sleeping bag / sheet / pillow cover
  • Glasses, plates, pots, coffee pot, broom, floor cloth, liquid crockery, bathroom, glass (must not contain alcohol), basin, trash bags, paper rolls.
  • Wire with clothes pegs
  • Notepads, pen, playing card, CD, MP3
  • Chairs with side table, torch, schuko adapter, lighter, 12 / 220v hairdryer

Consigli utili per viaggiare:

  •  ID card / passport, driving license B, international driving license for foreign citizens, health card
  • Credit card, debit card, viacard
  • Seats for children in age
  • Road map, navigator
  • Toolbox, pocket dictionary

Can I leave the car on delivery?

Of course! Our parking is available and totally free./em>

When will I be refunded the security deposit?

The deposit is returned in the days following the return.